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In the future, this page will be devoted to some of our ideas about how to downsize the "stuff" in your life.  We have learned many lessons (good and bad) about how to rid yourself of the clutter in your lives.  We would like to share some of those thoughts and how we managed to go from a 6,000 sq ft home to 431 sq ft home.


In 2006, we had an "Escape Sale" at our home in Friendswood, TX.  It was a 6,000+ sq ft home with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths.  After 25 years of marriage, we had accumulated way too many things.  We knew we were moving into a motorhome full time and had to purge everything!  My cousin, Kathy and her husband Wayne, came to the rescue.  Kathy said "rake everything you want in the sale, to the middle of your house, and then go away.  We will handle everything else."  And, they did!  



Take a moment, sit in your living room and go through a mental exercise with us.  Most living rooms are about 400 sq ft., so they are a good representation of our tiny home.  Mentally "remove" the furniture and "add in" a bedroom,  closets, a smaller living room,  a kitchen (galley), a cockpit (driving area), a full bathroom and, in our case, a half bath.  Now, and this is the hardest part, add in everything you own.  I'm talking, every book, every piece of clothing/shoes, every kitchen item, every toiletry, office supplies/electronics (including computers, phones, etch), dvds, bed/bath linens…there's too many items to list.  Get the picture?  Oh, yes and pictures!  That's a whole subject by itself.  How quickly you realize that there is just  not enough room.


I know one fact to be true, the less you have the happier you are!  We watch the tv show "Hoarders" with total disdain.  We say "I don't know how anyone can live like that!"  Well,  guess what?  We all do, live like that.  It's simply that some of us have bigger closets, bathrooms, kitchens, etc to store all of our "stuff" in.  We are just more organized with our disorganization.  Either you take steps to declutter, tidy up your life now, or someone else will have to when you die.  


I have found a great book that worked for me in starting to tidy up our lives.  It can be found at

Her simple book on the Magic of Tidying your life has done wonders in helping me organize my clutter.



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