DebDav On The Road


California West Coast


We have been out of touch for a couple of weeks. When last we left off, we were in the mountains at 7,000 ft , thoroughly enjoying the cold nights and days in the 70’s. We left Idyllwild, CA and headed to the west coast. We first landed in San Clemente and had Girard Awnings tweak our main awning and update the LED strip lights.  The San Clemente Pier attracted us to eat seafood overlooking the Pacific ocean with the surfers trying their luck.  We were also able to find a southern outlet for San Francisco sour dough bread.

Toured the Southern California coastal cities ofSantaBarbaraHarbor Newport and Laguna Beach.  BalboaIslandDrove over to Balboa Island and took a quaint ferry across to Balboa. The local architecture is very Southern California chic. Every city has a large marina with a large contingent of sail and motor boats.  Also, everywhere there is a beach, the surfers are out in force. The pier and harbor is mainly a very busy fishing port. Local stock includes shrimp, lobster, and spiny urchins. We ate on the wharf overlooking the marina with boats unloading their daily catch. Very fresh caught dinner.  We chose to stay in a small rv park in Santa Barbara, as the Thousand Trails park had no 50 amp service and was, virtually, impossible to navigate to, in a 45 ft motorhome.

One day,  we drove up into the mountains for a wonColdSpringTavernderful lunch grilled outdoors (electricity was out) at an old tavern, that in 1886 served as a rest stop for stagecoaches traveling the treacherous San Marcos Pass.

The biggest thing in our life is, now that we are on the west coast, we can get fresh produce anywhere.  We find ourselves searching out the locally grown foods at open air markets; that is a real treat.

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