DebDav On The Road


Southeast California…the best so far!!

IdylwildCA00003Thanks to our good friend, Greg Hagerty, we chose a Thousand Trails Park in Idylwild, CA.  This is a little slice of heaven!  We are at 7,000 ft above sea level.  The high temps for the days are around 69 degrees with lows in the mid 40’s.  We have eaten most of our meals outside (which has been our mission for this rv life).   The locals (especially, Wendy) are so warm and welcoming.


Monday and Thursday nights the town converges on a local restaurant named “LaCasita” for $1.00 tacos.IMG_3458  For those of you unaware, that was the name of the local mexican restaurant that we frequented for 30+ years in Friendswood.  This idyllic cafe, tucked in the tall pine trees, was such a wonderful surprise.  These were the freshest homemade tacos we’ve ever enjoyed.

While driving around town, we find ourselves rolling our windows down, an action that was used 30+ years ago, when we lived in Summit County, Colorado.  We cannot get enough of the fresh air scents of pine and cedar.  The trees are massive and the pine cones are the size of footballs.  We drove back down the mountain to grab some supplies at Home Depot .  The temps went from the mid 60’s to 88 degrees.  We couldn’t wait to climb the 5,000 feet back up to our Shangri La.

We took this week to basically do nothing.  We wanted some “down time” just to kick back and enjoy the moments.  That’s exactly what happened.  We toured the town and made a couple of trips down the mountain, into the town of Hemet, for major supplies.  The remainder of the time we spent cooking and eating outside, walking and watching movies.  It was a much needed respite.

Now, it was on to Girard Awnings in San Clemente. We needed to get some maintenance work done on the rig.  We were able to spend a couple of nights in their parking lot.  During the day, we toured the southwest coast, ate lunches and dinners on the pier, while watching surfers just below us.  It was straight out of the movies.


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