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Amazed in Amarillo 4-22-16

Big TexanWe have finally made it to Amarillo, TX and are poised to leave Texas.  We found ourselves drawn to some exciting sights that we were shocked to find.  The rv park that we stayed in is owned by The Big Texas Steak House.  We had the limo come pick us up and take us to the steakhouse.  For those of you that haven’t Steakhouse Limoheard of this attraction, their notoriaty comes from a challenge that they offer their customers.  If you can eat their 72 oz. steak, a salad, a baked potato, and a roll in under one hour, then your dinner is free.  If you fail, you pay a $72.00 tab.  A stretch limo, adorned with Texas Longhorns, picked us up at the rv park and drove us to the steakhouse. We were lucky, we got to watch a young man attempt the challenge…unfortunately, he failed.

We have always wanted to visit the Palo Duro Canyon.  Minor mechanical work required a 5 day stay during our trek west on I-40 towards New Mexico. We decided to make lemonade and visit some local attractions. Again, we do not have a schedule.

Palo Duro State Park is billed as the second largest canyon in the USA.  This canyon is unique, in that you can drive down to the bottomPalo Duro Canyon. There is a 16 mile road that winds around and down through some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery. The park was used by the Commanche Indians in the 1800’s as a refuge from the US military.

Texas owns the land but the 1930’s CCC built the infrastructure. Most of the original buildings are still in active use. The road has been updated and picnic/RV sites are new.

Texas PlayThe biggest summer program is the nightly production of ‘TEXAS’, an open air stage play that highlights the colonization of America’s wild west.  Unfortunately, the play is only done June thru Sept, so we could not see it….this trip.


We were tTeardrop Trailerold by our “neighbor” that we should visit the RV museum in downtown Amarillo.  We were pleasantly surprised at the wonderful collection of old trailers, buses and memorabilia.

Overall, we were amazed at all the interesting sights in this panhandle town.

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