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Living at Lake Conroe 9-11-15

Living at Lake Conroe (9-11-15)IMG_0855

Parked at Lake Conroe, we started the daunting tasks of organizing our thoughts, our plans, our possessions, our “new” lives.  Organizing our possessions was the most overwhelming task.  The motorhome and the car were full.  We needed to purge more.  We moved from a 6,000 sq ft home to 431 sq ft.  Living in a house, our master bath was larger than our new tiny house on wheels!  Even after our Escape (estate) Sale, we had way too many possessions.  Like our waistlines, it was time to go on a diet and shed some pounds!  Like dieting, it was not easy.

The second hardest job was adjusting to being “homeless”.  David had just retired and Debbie had one more flight to make with United Airlines.  That flight was to Amsterdam, and fortunately, David was able to go with her.  The crew room had set up a retirement party for us, as I checked in for my trip.  We had a great time in Amsterdam.  We rented bikes from the hotel, and toured all day long.  We went to the open air market, had lunch, toured the city, went back to the hotel, turned in the bikes and walked to the river for a wonderful Italian dinner.  The remainder of our time in Conroe was spent shoving everything we owned in every nook and cranny we could find.

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