DebDav On The Road


2016 In Review

2016!  What a wonder filled year!  As we wind down this year of travel, we look back on the revelations, that the roads of this nation, have presented to us.  We are still in awe of all that we observed and experienced.   The journey down this road started 25 years ago, when David and I asked each other what do we want to do when we grow up.  Travel.  That was the answer.  The question was how.  The vehicle came in a metamorphosis that would rival any caterpillar who, miracoulasly, becomes a butterfly.  We knew what we didn’t want…things like staying in hotels, eating all meals out, and flying from big city to big city. We knew we did not want to pay taxes anymore for a piece of dirt to store unwanted, unneeded and unused items.  We wanted our own things around us, but we only wanted a minimal amount of things; no clutter. We wanted our own bed and sheets; our own food; and to do this traveling on our own schedule.  We wanted to see the little towns between the big cities; to experience the way people live on a daily basis; how they cook and what they eat; how they work and how they play.  We hungered for history lessons that presented themselves to us, even if it was just a historic landmark along the side of the road.  We learned how this Earth was formed millions of years ago.  In that knowledge, we learned just how small we are in comparison to it.  And, as George Carlin used to say…this Earth will someday shake us off like a bad case of fleas and keep right on going.  In the meantime, please know, we have thoroughly enjoyed the ride! 

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