DebDav On The Road


Downtown Dallas and Pre-Thanksgiving at Pris’

Downtown Dallas swimming pool cantilevered over the street.

Lunch at the original El Fenix in downtown Dallas brought back so many memories.  When I worked in Dallas in the late ’70s, we would treat ourselves to mexican food.  The old dining room looked basically the same.  We drove toured the area and then went to the top of the hotel that has the swimming pool cantilevered over the downtown street.  Below it was a museum with a great optical display.  Sometimes we enjoy a big city and all it’s sights.

Maddie helping Gdad lick the beaters!

Most of our families go their separate ways for Thanksgiving, so we try to get together at Priscilla’s for a pre-turkey day celebration.  Dana, Jason and the grand girls came up to Pottsboro.  Vicki and all of her family were there, too.  David had fun making gingerbread houses with Sophie and Maddie, then Maddie helped him lick the beaters, for the whipped cream.  We had a wonderful dinner and then the girls played at a park near the lake.  Every moment with these sweet babies is captured on pictures, but we will hold them in our memories forever!  We are blessed beyond measure!

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