DebDav On The Road


Lake Tawakoni, Nacadoches, and Henderson’s Syrup Festival

We needed to have some repairs done to the rv, so we made our way to Nacadoches, with a stop off at Lake Tawakoni.  We connected with some Bryan Adams alumni Rusty and Serena Runeon Farmer.  We “met” on Facebook and had followed their travels in their rv.  They are full timers, also.  Not until we had finished lunch, did I realize that Rusty is the brother of one of my classmates, Kenny Farmer.  Sadly, we lost Kenny our senior year of high school.  It was so good to connect with his family, again and share some of the wonderful memories of him. 

Horse drawn mill for making cane syrup

We traveled on to Nacadoches and while there, we hiked a wonderful area called the Carla Mize Park.  With perfect weather, we delighted in the woodsy area set in the heart of downtown. 

We happened to see an ad for the Henderson Syrup Festival and I texted my old Continental Airlines classmate, Von Clark.  She and her mom met us in Henderson and we spent a glorious day together eating, laughing and shopping.  It was such a bonus and we were grateful we had made the side trip.  

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