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10-02-16 Albuquerque Balloon Festival

What a shock!!  We had no idea we were motoring into Albuquerque on Balloon Festival weekend!  Yikes!  That’s what happens when you are retired and don’t care what day it is!  People make their reservations a year in advance for this once in a lifetime festival.  It was on our bucket list, but we figured it would take years of planning.  After being told there were no rv spaces available by many parks, we finally found a spot right next door to Camping World.  How lucky could we be?

We arrived at the festival park while it was still dark.  We were treated with what the ballooners refer to as “Moon Glow.”  It really is the most beautiful time to us.  The morning was crisp cool and the show was spectacular.  We were able to walk amongst the balloons and get photos of the insides.  We watched, with wonder, as the pilots filled the giant material with hot air from the fire.  And then, magically, the slow ascent to the sky above.  What a simple, peaceful solitude.   We enjoyed the festival so much.  

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