DebDav On The Road


Colorado Springs, CO 9-24-16

We left Denver and the relatives behind, and traveled a short distance to Colorado Springs.  This is the home of some beautiful landmarks.  Our first stop was the Air Force Academy and the breathtaking chapel that serves as a multi airforceacademycoschapelinteriordenominational gathering place for the cadet corps.  It was airforceacademycoschapelmagnificent in the early morning sunlight.  The interior was equally as beautiful.





Next stop: The Garden of the Gods.gardenofgods  What an amazing bunch of rock formations.  The most popular being Balance Rock.  balancingrockThe red colors were so beautiful with blue sky and majestic mountains, including Pike’s Peak, in the back drop.  Helen Hunt Jackson said it best, “You wind among rocks of every conceivable and inconceivable shape and size… all bright red, all motionless and silent, with a strange look o having been just stopped and held back in the very climax of some supernatural catastrophe.”


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