DebDav On The Road


Our 365 day vacation!


 One year ago, we left our driveway in Friendswood, Texas for any destination where we can eat outside!  Chronologically, it seems like one month.  When measured by the memories made, it seems like a lifetime.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but for the most part, we could not have asked for more.

After 30+ years, David and I retired from our jobs, mid year in 2015.  David owned his own company, commercial low voltage electronics.  Fortunately, we sold the company to a friendly competitor.  I was a flight attendant for Continental/United Airlines for 31 years.  We sold our home, and moved into our tiny house on wheels.debdavcoachpm

As you read through the posts, you will see that in 2015 we made a small loop through the southern states of Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. We learned a great deal about our coach and ourselves.  With that knowledge, we set out the first 2016 for the west coast.  We have maintained the ability to eat outside, which is the goal for our route planning.  For the most part, we have been blessed with great weather.

We find ourselves, now, in the mountains of Montana, where they are beginning to get snow, in the higher elevations.  That’s a very uneasy feeling.  We have no desire to drive this 45′ beast over snow filled mountain passes.  We will be traversing the continental divide the next few weeks and we hold our breath, hoping to get to lower elevations before Halloween.  The plan is continue through Montana visiting our nephew and his wife.  Then, we plan to cross through Wyoming and onto Denver, CO.  We will visit with relatives there and then head south to South Fork, CO for a visit with more relatives.  Our son and my sister plan to join us in South Fork.  We hope to spend some time in northern New Mexico before heading back to north Texas and Thanksgiving.  We are so anxious to visit with the grand girls; they have been missed.

The memories of this year will last a lifetime.  We hope to make many new ones over the coming years.

When all your hopes, plans and dreams have come true, you are blessed.  We remind ourselves daily, how fortunate we are to have enjoyed this past year of travel.


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