DebDav On The Road


Pacific Surf Motorcoach Estates, Our new summer “home”


An aerial view of the 6 motorhome pad sites. It’s low tide, but you can see how close we are to the Pacific Ocean.

A wrong turn led us to Pacific Surf Motorhome Estates in Newport, Oregon. We were greeted by some wonderful folks who invited us to stay in their private motor coach park.  Picture, if you will, a scenic overlook between Hwy 101 and the Pacific Ocean.  The developer built 6 coach pad sites on this 2 1/2 acre park; each site overlooks the Pacific.  There’s an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and a meandering pathway down to the ocean and 5 miles of our own secluded beach


This is the beginning of our pathway down to the Pacific, where we are totally secluded.

We spent a few days enjoying looking at the Pacific Ocean through our front windshield. We walked the beach, ate dinners in the outdoor kitchen with the other owners and watched whales through our front windshield!  Reluctantly, we left and traveled northeast toward Portland where it was 95 degrees everyday. After a few days, we realized that we missed the ocean, the cool temps (highs of 69 degrees and lows of 45), and our new friends. We raced back to PSME. We now own a slice of the Pacific Ocean and we enjoy 4.5 miles of private, secluded beach!  Spending our days taking pictures of sunsets and watching whales as they migrate southward, have become our daily tasks.  We have explored many lighthouses, covered bridges and waterfalls! IMG_4934 And, just to prove you are never too old, we have taken up hiking.  Every few days, we find ourselves at one of the many trailheads that abound in these mountains.


Our 1.7 mile hike up to Yakina Lighthouse with Denny, Becky, Ross, David and Debbie.

David went out with some of the guys, in their boat.  They brought back lots of crab.  We all gather and clean it, then eat it for dinner.  Sometimes, they fish for salmon and other fish.  We continue to watch the weather everywhere else, and the northern Oregon coast still has all others beat.  We wear jackets every morning and evening.  David is even wearing long pants…and, it’s August!!  We huddle with the other owners, around one of the 3 fire pits located on the property.  A glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres are a mainstay every evening.  If anyone had told us, just a few months ago,  that we would be landowners in Oregon, we would tell them they were crazy!  This was NOT on the radar…anywhere.  But, like the song says…God bless the broken road that led me straight to you.  We are so blessed and we do realize it.

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